Tapas, Olè and Startups

17 Março, 2017

On the 24 and 25th of April we will make our way to Salamanca, in Spain, to participate in the event Startup Olé which is organized by BISITE Accelerator, Startup Europe and the European Commission.

During the two days of the event we will have the opportunity to show the work we are developing in Tec Labs and to promote our startups as well, taking advantage of the inevitable moments of networking that are a consequence of getting together in the same place entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators, universities, big companies and decision makers from all over Europe.

The result can only be a positive one and we believe this will help even more to achieve one of our main goals for this year which is to promote, national and internationally, Tec Labs as a unique and privileged space in the city of Lisbon to incubate sci-tech based businesses.

And this is a recap of last year’s edition of this event:

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