Tec Labs Day 2017

1 Março, 2017

On February 15th, we had our Tec Labs Day, an event designed to share with our partners from the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the city the various projects we have in hands this year and, at the same time, to make it possible for our startups and companies to share with this community their work.

The day started with good vibes, a cheerful check-in with many interactions with our scientist mascot and some popcorns for the guests arriving to the event.

The morning continued with a presentation in which we talked a little bit about the path that we’ve been following since we were integrated in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, in 2014. In addition, we presented some good news we have for this new year, including:

1. A year focused on creating national and international network and to empower Tec Labs as a hotspot for incubation of science and tech based startups in Lisbon, which we are achieving through an inspirational tour that is leading us to discover most of our partners of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the lauching of a new website and an international call because we have lots of free space for incubation right now;

2. The creation of a new incubation typology of incubation which we decided to name CoLab, community shared lab, inspired by our successful experience with our support labs in microbiology and molecular biology, Bugworkers; a new place where entrepreneurs will have everything they need to grow their ideas;

3. The participation in X-Lisbon, a cross-sector acceleration program that aims to attract national and international entrepreneurs and startups so that together they can work on sectoral challenges in a multidisciplinary, innovative and disruptive environment;

4. In partnership with the Lisbon City Council, the Faculty of Sciences and Tec Labs, through their support labs, Bugworkers, will create the first BioLab in Portugal, a place for learning and experimentation in this bio are, making available the access to knowledge on this field to all of those interested.

Next Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho, Council Diretor for Economy and innovation from Lisbon City Council, made a presentation about the project Made of Lisboa, a platform that aims to connect all the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the city and to potentiate Lisbon globally as a startup city.

Lastly, it was time for the Vice-president of Lisbon City Council, Duarte Cordeiro, to close the session talking about the City Council strategy to promote entrepreneurship and innovation, and at the same time reinforcing the partnership we have created to build up the first national BioLab.

fter the presentation, it was time to discover some of our entrepreneurial spirit with a tour around the building, with lots of stops in which the participant startups and organisations had dynamic and relaxed activities going on. In addition, we also had a room in which students and researchers with entrepreneurial projects could promote their work.

The event ended with a networking lunch in our patio where it was possible to bring together in a more relaxed way all the participants and guest of the event, around good food, beer and fun moments.

And here is a short video that summarises very well this special day for the team, entrepreneurs and community of Tec Labs!

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