ScienceIN2Business® is an innovative methodology that encourages and supports the economic valorisation of scientific and technological knowledge in higher education institutions and research centres within the University of Lisbon.

The methodology is based on annual cycles so it can settle and spread exponentially covering an increasing number of students, teachers and researchers.

Each cycle is divided into three stages, designed in a sequential, interdependent and replicable flow.

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The LEARNING stage is divided in formal and non-formal education: the first includes optional courses on entrepreneurship and innovation destined to undergraduate and graduate students; non-formal education consists of workshops on various topics of business, design and innovation that are open to students and the general public.

Formal Education

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Non-Formal Education

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SELECTION is a phase of the methodology where we offer two different programs to work with our main audiences: Researchers (Call for Projects) and Students (Summer School).

Call For Projects

We wish to find an help the best projects with market potential in all the Universidade de Lisboa. The five best candidates will have access to a capacitation program until the Final Event, where the winner will get a money prize and a year of incubation in Tec Labs!


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Call for Projects

We want to know the best science and tech-based projects stemming from the Universidade de Lisboa.

February 18 to April 17

Selecting the Finalists

Training and mentoring the applicants (May 6 & 9) before selecting the finalists (May 13).

May 6, 9 and 13


Finalists will have access to a capacitation program that will help them develop their projects, bring them closer to the market and prepare them for the final event.

13 de maio a 6 de novembro

Final Event

The finalists will pitch for a carefully selected jury that will decide who's the Winning Team, including a networking moment with investors and industry partners.

6 de novembro

At the 2020 edition, we are grateful to have the support of the following partners


Meet all the participants and winners of the 2018 edition

Participants: Nevaro | CeaseFire | NanoGTT | SOLROM | Smart Helper

Winner: Nevaro


Meet all the participants and winners of the 2017 edition

Participants: Delox | Omics2Clinic | EmotAI | Antifouling for Ships Efficiency | Green2Feed

Winner: Delox


Meet all the participants and winners of the 2016 edition

Participants: Print3DMol | BluePath | EmotAI | InovCarbon | Health Script | CiênciasThermodata | Controlbetes | Wander | Janus | Speed2Charge | BreatheBio

Winners: 1st InovCarbon | 2nd Janus | 3rd BreatheBio


Meet all the participants and winners of the 2015 edition

Participants: Meteora Analytics | PenWise | Charon | ruPharma | iqSleep

Winners: 1st ruPharma | 2nd Charon | 3rd PenWise

Summer School

For 5 days, students will get intensive training and be placed in groups tasked with solving challenges proposed by companies in four main areas. On the last day of the Summer School, a jury will selected the four winning teams that will be capacitated until an event where they can show their solutions to investors!


Conheçam o funcionamento da Summer School



Students from the different ULisboa schools can apply individually and will then be selected to enter multidisciplinary teams.

Exact dates to be announced.


Students will get training in entrepreneurship, innovation and business topics.

Exact dates to be announced.

Problem solving

Teams will be assigned with challenges provided by companies that they should solve during the Summer School.

Exact dates to be announced.

Final Event

A demo day where teams will pitch their solution to a carefully selected jury that will choose the winning teams per challege, in an event open to the public.

Exact dates to be announced.

After the Call from Projects and the Summer School, the finalists from both programs enter the EVOLUTION phase, where they have access to the Tec Labs ecosystem and support in order to grow their projects to the next level.

Our goal is that every project will end up in the market, be it through licensing or through the creation of a spin-off.

Spin Off



Meet the winners of the 2018 edition


Meet the winners of the 2017 edition


Meet the winners of the 2016 edition


Meet the winners of the 2015 edition

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