Biomimetx is developing a new pilot

Our long-time incubee Biomimetx has been developing an exciting new pilot with Grow José de Mello, an entity that has been close to Tec Labs recently, namely in the Innovation Days 2020. Patrick Freire, one of the co-founders, told us the details: Biomimetx’s technology, first developed as a green antifouling additive for marine plants – with applications in boat paint -, is being adapted to other applications, in this case, wall painting with anti-bacterial and possible anti-viral properties. Grow José de Mello’s residencies Domus Vida are the test bed for this pilot, which consists of the application of the additive paint vis-a-vis a control.


Collection of samples to detect the presence of viral particles. The technology will be validated through the comparison between protected surfaces and control surfaces.


Biomimetx’s team has been collecting and analysing samples to try to see if their solution shows the predicted anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that may allow for a safer environment indoors. We may have results on this soon, and here at Tec Labs we are excited to know them!

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