Help IMAGI on their crowdfunding campaign

IMAGI is composed of a group of young entrepreneurs and master students in biomedical engineering at FCUL.

Cloudia, is a project developed to help manage and ease pediatric chronic pain as, unfortunately, half a million children suffer from chronic pain in Portugal alone, and the number rises to 600 million worldwide.
To ease these children’s pain Cloudia recurs to some state-of-the-art relaxation methods combined with cutting-edge technology like virtual reality to create a portable and intuitive solution ready to be used anywhere, anytime.

Their pain management solution combines a virtual reality system with the Cloudia App to create immersive environments to help children as it can be chosen from a variety of medically recommended exercises and track pain levels before and after each session.
Throughout the whole usage, children are guided by Cloudia, the helping Cloud, the mascot! Cloudia provides a safe and friendly environment, helping children to complete each task.

They want to help children worldwide to live better lives, but first, they need your help!

Support them on their crowdfunding so they can make sure that these children can live in a world without pain.

You also can follow IMAGI on instagram.

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