ENGAGE Program from Azerbaijan Visits Tec Labs to Explore Portuguese Innovation Ecosystem

For the second time, Tec Labs welcomed a delegation from the ENGAGE program of Azerbaijan, a program to enhance the sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem in higher education in Azerbaijan. The purpose of this visit was to gain insights into the Portuguese innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem with the goal of replicating best practices in Azerbaijan.

The visit commenced with an opening session led by Professor Pedro Almeida, who welcomed the participants and emphasized the journey of Tec Labs in building an entrepreneurial mindset within the Faculty of Sciences. Then, Rita Tomé Rocha presented the strategy for fostering formal and non-formal education in innovation and entrepreneurship, highlighting the mission of support that researchers and students have when walking the path with us.

Then, the focus shifted to presentations of innovative projects and start-ups that are part of the Tec Labs ecosystem: JUST Ciências, the Junior Entreprise initiative of Ciências ULisboa presented their project-orientated mission within the Faculty; then Leonor Pires and Mariana de Oliveira discussed the importance of Cloudia in fighting chronic pain; Fadhil Musa, co-founder of Delox introduced the start-up focused on decontamination solutions and the milestones achieved throughout time; Virgínia Ferreira talked about Pure2U’s journey of  taking a research idea and building the path to reach the market and biggest challenges; last but not least, Rita Maçorano highlighted Nevaro’s mission of growing global and the partners that made that possible;


The ENGAGE program’s visit to Tec Labs represents a significant step in the exchange of knowledge and experiences between Portugal and Azerbaijan. This initiative not only strengthens the ties between the two countries but also enables the dissemination of innovative practices and the enhancement of a global entrepreneurship ecosystem.


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