New funding opportunities in the Health Sector | Horizon Europe and EU4Health

The European Commission is financing two major programs in the Health area: the Research and Innovation Programme, Horizon Europe, with a Health component, and the Health Programme, EU4Health.

These programs have been strategically defined and complementary in several areas and therefore contain funding opportunities for the research and health community.

AICIB, through the National Contact Points (NCP) for the Health area of Horizon Europe, and the DGS and ACSS, through the National Focal Points (NFP) of EU4Health, jointly promoted the dissemination of the two programs to the Portuguese community, in two different webinars (one of them focusing only on cancer).

In these webinars NPCs, shared the calls that are now open to the beneficiaries and its characteristics in both Cluster Health and EU4Health.

The main difference between both programs is that Cluster Health finances R&D and EU4Health doesn’t. The new EU4Health program aims to address the resilience of health systems.

You can find more information on both programs:

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