IP workshops from INPI

Following our team’s compromise with obtaining new knowledge that may help our researchers and entrepreneurs, our Technology Transfer Manager António Marques participated, this June, in two workshops around Intellectual Property topics.

Prior, he had already learned the basics of IP in two other workshops from INPI, but with the increasing demand for IP knowledge from our team, António felt he had to learn more.

The first workshop was named “Novelty and Inventive Activity” and took place in early June. It dealt with highly technical aspects of patent evaluation, and António sure learned a lot about it!

The second was named “Patent drafting – Mechanics” and took place at the end of the month. It showed António the complexities of drafting patents in this particular area, knowledge that will be highly useful in helping our researchers and entrepreneurs defending their IP.

Until the end of the year, there will be two more workshops in IP. We thank INPI for the high quality of their workshops.

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