ISEG’s MBA students went to Tec Labs for an immersive experience within Lisbon’s innovation ecosystem

On the 13th of September, we welcomed ISEG’s MBA students at Tec Labs. This opportunity came together due to ISEG’s partnership with StartUp Lisboa which consolidates strategic streams that include the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation. The purpose of this strategic stream in particular is to absorb and live Lisbon’s innovative ecosystem.

We wanted to play our part in this sparkling environment we belong to, and we had the pleasure of organizing a visit to our facilities and showcasing the work we’ve put up to handle the incubator’s management and coordinate the Area of Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Ciências ULisboa.

The students also got the chance to visit 3 of our incubated startups – Delox, Vawlt, and Sensefinity – which was a great way of understanding the path of two of our spin-offs, from ideas created at the CIÊNCIAS’ R&D Departments to businesses and how the last one’s distribution channels are built upon strategic partnerships all over the world. After that, there was still time to visit the support labs that play an active collaboration in helping our lab-incubated companies.

In the end, the students had a great time getting to know our companies and understanding our position in the CIÊNCIAS ecosystem.




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