Unicage and Lasige awarded by NASA

Exciting news directly from NASA: a team composed of researchers from Lasige, one of Ciências’ R&D Centers, and Unicage, an incubee at Tec Labs, participated in the Litcoin Natural Processing Language challenge, an international competition part of NASA Tournament Lab, and out of 232 and 455 submissions achieved an incredible 7th place, earning a cash prize of 5.000 USD!

The main goal of this tournament was to challenge researchers to present “the most creative and effective uses of free text from biomedical publications to create knowledge graphs that relate concepts within existing research” (more details on this here). This challenge is ever more pressing since, even though the number of scientific studies continues to grow exponentially, the large and growing amounts of biomedical data are not easily accessible, and that is why we need Natural Language Processing solutions. That is why Unicage combined the powers of its platform with research from the DeST (Deep Semantic Tagger) project team, part of Lasige. Unicage told us some details of this collaboration:

“With this challenge, we were able to successfully integrate Unicage commands within a state-of-the-art biomedical NLP pipeline, together with a research unit of excellence from the University of Lisbon. Not only we were able to achieve top classification scores in a worldwide competition, but we also contributed to improving scientific research in the biomedical panorama.”

A remarkable achievement that makes us all proud!

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