Internship of Luís Gonçalves

In the last 4 months we welcomed a short but intense internship by Luís Gonçalves, a Management student from ISG – Business and Economics School. This internship just came to an end and Luís wrote a testimony about his stay with us. Although we only met online – pandemic oblige! -, we were impressed by Luís’ work skills and wish him the best of lucks for his future.

“I must start by thanking the opportunity that Tec Labs gave me with this internship. Nothwithstanding the difficult moment we are all going through – the pandemic -, this was a unique opportunity to see how a real work environment looks like. I witnessed an effort from the whole Tec Labs community to adequately integrate me in a multidisciplinar team. This was a fruitful and dynamic journey, as it gave me experience in a work environment that touches a myriad of facets of a professional life. I thank Tec Labs for the opportunity that was given to me with this 4 month internship. I hope we meet again in the future.

Luís Gonçalves”


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