Marines visit to Tec Labs

On July 5, Tec Labs had the honor of hosting a delegation from the “Estrutura de Acompanhamento da Investigação, Desenvolvimento, Experimentação e Inovação da Armada” (Marine Research, Development, Experimentation, and Innovation Support Structure) as part of their roadshow in the Lisbon region. The visit aimed to strengthen ties between the Marines, academia, and industry, with a specific focus on exploring advancements in robotics, signal processing, and artificial intelligence (AI).

The Marines’ visit to Tec Labs served as a platform to bridge the gap between the military and civilian sectors, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and knowledge exchange. The delegation began their visit by engaging with the Board of the Faculty and various research centers (IDL, MARE, LOLS, LASIGE). This allowed them to gain insights into ongoing academic initiatives, explore potential areas of cooperation, and understand the latest advancements in signal processing, and AI research and other important areas of the Faculty.


Recognizing the growing significance in some important technological advancements in defense and maritime applications, the Marines’ roadshow focused on deepening their understanding of these fields. Tec Labs, known for its vibrant startup ecosystem, provided the perfect backdrop for the Marines to interact with innovative entrepreneurs and explore emerging technologies.

One of the highlights of the Marines’ visit was their interaction with some startups based at Tec Labs. The startups showcased their groundbreaking solutions and shared their visions for leveraging deep technologies in different domains. This exchange of ideas offered the Marines a unique perspective on the potential applications of these technologies and enabled them to identify areas where collaboration with the startups could be mutually beneficial.

The collaboration between the Marines, academia, and industry holds immense potential for driving innovation and progress. The Marines’ roadshow demonstrated their commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring the Armed Forces are well-equipped to face future challenges.

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