Mentoring Entrepreneurs by Oxentia

Last week we had the opportunity to participate in the Webinar “Mentoring Entrepreneurs” organized by Oxentia. Tec Labs has been supporting and mentoring such great teams, that it was certain that we had to attend this webinar and “drink” from the knowledge of such experienced mentors.

Mentoring entrepreneurs is becoming increasingly more common in innovation ecosystems around the world. There are advantages for both mentors and mentees that derive from mentoring work; and society at large also benefits from successful ventures and faster product market entries.

Words link “empathy”, “strategic thinking”, “knowing how to listen…”, “network”, “connections” and “joint learning” were highlighted by both speakers and experienced mentors: Alison Cavey and Alex Smeets. They also stated that mentors don’t need to have all the answers and that is why having a good network is crucial.

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