DMEA 2022 | Mission with Health Cluster Portugal

On the final days of April, we had the opportunity to go on a mission organized by Health Cluster Portugal. We were able to visit a very big medical fair in Berlim – DMEA.

On this fair we could see the latest technologies being commercialized in the health sector, particulary digital health.

We had the opportunity to meet with key German entities, that can help startups and companies that want to internationalize to Germany. These were: German Traid & Invest (GTAI), Startup Campus and Health Capital.

On the session with GTAI, Joana Feijó (HCP) shared with the audience the Portuguese trends in the health sector and also talked about the Portuguese delegation and its objetives in the fair.

In the afternoon, Startup Campus Germany, presented us their program and how they can help startups that want to internationalize to Germany.

Both GTAI and Startup Campus support companies in their soft landing. However, their business model is a little bit different as GTAI is a government entity and Startup Campus is a company. Another difference is that if companies want the support of GTAI they need to establish the company in Berlim, different from Startup Campus where this is not a requirement.

As conclusion, this is a great fair to visit, as the german market is huge and with great potential for our startups. The downside is that almost everything happens in english.

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