Our February companies

February brings us two more companies to the incubator. Let’s get to know them:


Neroes started as an idea developed by Pedro Pestana and Hugo Ferreira while working at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon. They both bring a passion for human performance and the desire to use scientic and technological knowledge in service of human empowerment.

The Neroes Mental Training PlatformTM makes use of neurofeedback technology to access specific brainwaves related to stress and anxiety with the help of an EEG scan. Using advanced algorithms, the platform translates the evaluated data into an intuitive visual and auditory gameflow which tells the user whether a desired state of mind (the goal) is indeed being achieved.​

Biocol Labs

Biocol Labs is a laboratory that has always been ahead of its time. It was founded in 1977 in Lisbon, with the conviction that mineral-and plant-based science will make the chemical pharma industry redundant. Not the other way round. The two founders, husband and wife Gualdim and Natalia Redol, were a self-taught scientist and a self-made business woman. They researched, developed and perfected a trace-element range of supplements aiming to activate the vital functions of the organism and to preserve the integrity of the cells, endangered by the disadvantages of modernization: pollution, stress, electronic radiations, UV rays and genetic modified foods and crops.

Now, their grand-sons are taking the lead of the company, but always the same values.

Welcome Nereos and Biocal Labs!

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