New opportunities!

Our team has been attending several webinars regarding new opportunities for our companies and researchers. The month of March was full of exciting news! Here are some of the things we learned:

AICEP Webinar

AICEP organised a webinar dedicated to business opportunities in international scientific and technological organisations, focused on big projects and institutions that invest significant sums with suppliers in several areas.

The well-know CERN has a centralised platform for suppliers procurement that you, as a technological company, should definitly check. It covers a wide range of areas:



ITER, the international exciting fusion energy project, also has an industrial procurement site for all the components and technology that will help this giant infrastructure reach 150 million degrees Celsius.

CERN and ITER combined spend more than 1 Billion Euros yearly with industry acquisitions!

If you want to know more on these topics, contact José Antão from ANI – Agência da Inovação (

SME Fund

The European Commission, through EUIPO, recently announced funds for IP-related services. SMEs may get 75% off on IP pre-diagnostic services or 50% off on trademark and design application fees. The calls are always open and have closing windows. The next one finishes at the end of May. You can get more information here.



Launch of the European Innovation Council

The new European Innovation Council (EIC), an ambitious plan under the new Horizon Europe with more than 10 Billino Euros in funding, was officially launched on the past 18th of March. It is a new European institution that supports top-class innovators, entrepreneurs, small companies and scientists with bright ideas and the ambition to scale up internationally. The EIC will support startups, SMEs and research teams developing high-risk, high-impact breakthrough innovation, with a particular focus on scaling up game-changing solutions that contribute to the objectives of the European Green Deal and the Recovery Plan for Europe.



Stay alert for the incoming calls under this new programme!

Health for companies in Horizon Europe

We also attended a very interesting webinar on health opportunities for companies under the new Horizon Europe. Don’t miss the new call Pathfinder – formerly known as FET Open -, with deadlines in May and in October, that focuses on radically new and disruptive technologies.



You should also be on the lookout to several initiatives that you may have already heard about: the EIT Health Accelerator, Enterprise Europe Network (did you know about the B2B Health Innovation Market, coming up in April?) and the aforementioned EIC Accelerator.

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