R-Nuucell, a spin-off from Ciências ULisboa, wins Women TechEU grant

R-Nuucell is one of the 50 european companies selected to receive a €75,000 grant in the pilot program of Women TechEU, which will allow them to further develop their project that is focused in developing a new drug for treating metastatic breast cancer, namely the most aggressive and deadliest one: Triple Negative Breast Cancer. This is a type of cancer that so far has no cure, with data showing that only 28% of the women diagnosed with it reach the 5-year life expectancy rate.

The project is based in solid research conducted by the two researchers from the Center for Structural Chemestry of Ciências ULisboa and founders of R-Nuucell, Maria Helena Garcia and Andreia Valente. The results obtained so far by the CanceRusolution research project are patented and reveal the antimetastatic potential of the drug. This Spring, the company will reach an important milestone and start their in vivo studies (in animals).

These financings give confidence to investors who understand that a drug with international recognition is being developed and represent an ‘oxygen balloon’”, says Maria Helena Garcia. In the words of Andreia Valente this prize serves as a great encouragement: “We really believe in our product, but it’s good to know that others also believe in its potential and that they give us these financial incentives to be able to move forward on this ‘tortuous road’ that is the development of new drugs”.

Maria Helena Garcia and Andreia Valente, Founders of R-Nuucell and Researchers from the Center for Structural Chemestry of Ciências ULisboa  Credits: Ânia Finuras – Comunication and Image Area of Ciências ULisboa

This new program of the European Commission is funded by the Horizon Europe and has the main goal to support deep-tech startups led by women and provide funding for the initial steps of the innovation process and growth of their companies.

R-Nuucell is a spin-off from Ciências ULisboa, based and mentored by Tec Labs – Innovation Center, and created in 2021. The company has been privately invested by two business angels – Miguel Ribeiro Ferreira and Isabel de Botton, and also received a round of investment within the INNOV-ID Call by Portugal Ventures.

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