Welcoming GenoaSpark to Tec Labs Community

It’s September and we have a new company in the house, it’s Genoa Spark.

GenoaSpark is a company focused on sustainability, and through the technology and engineering of its products seeks to respond to the challenges of managing processes, buildings and people.
This project has two pillars: the first is based on the creation of its own products with strong differentiation in the area of IOT  and a wide range of sensors (energy, air quality, industry, occupation of spaces, among others); the second pillar is the ability to innovate and respond to challenges with vertical solutions.

GenoaSpark’s experience and the underlying technology that supports it, will certainly be an asset and the starting point for synergies with the ecosystem where Tec Labs is inserted. As GenoaSpark shares ULisboa’s DNA and a strong technological base, sharing experiences, networking and even business opportunities will be mutually beneficial. As GenoaSpark is a growing company, it has exciting projects in its hands with enormous growth potential.

Welcome aboard GenoaSpark team!

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