BridgeHead Programme | Meet SurgiQ

Once again, under the BridgeHead Programme of the EIT Health, Tec Labs (CATalyzer of the programme) together with our partner LabToMarket, is supporting a new startup, this time from Italy.

We are very happy to be working with SurgiQ, a real-time assistant with the objective to support healthcare performances.

SurgiQ’s goal is to support hospitals’ operational excellence by providing AI-based healthcare planning tools, reducing time spent for scheduling activities, and increasing resource utilization. Their clients are public and private healthcare providers, delivering surgical & rehabilitation services. Through focused partnerships they are also entering other clinical areas. The final aim is always improving hospitals’ capacity and patient flow, finding the perfect balance between the needs of patients, workforce and payers.

The company is supported by private and institutional investors, and the technology is available both as an on-premise or Cloud application and as an API easily integrated within other Hospitals’ applications and other vendors’ solutions.

SurqiQ chose Portugal to get to know the Portuguese health market and its main players and, if possible, start making sales.

This is what Antonio Specchia, Chief Revenue Officer @ SurgiQ has to say about our partnership “We have great expectation in what the Portugal’s market may become for us. And we feel confident in how Tec Labs is managing our market analysis project with us. We needed to understand where healthcare providers are in terms of planning tools to assess if we can provide value to them. From this early stage we have clear that planning for valuable, critical resources is still an uncovered area also for the Portuguese healthcare providers. This means that our technology may be capable to create a great value to hospitals, both private and public, to enhance efficiency in their processes. It will boost their productivity and their ability to serve more patients in a better way. We are happy to contribute to healthcare system in Portugal as we are doing in many other countries.”

Let’s get to work and thank you for choosing us!

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