Tec Labs was at IncubX – National Encounter of Incubators and Accelerators

On April 11th and 12th, the Tec Labs team attended IncubX, the national encounter of incubators and accelerators that is organized by Startup Portugal.

The event took place at Termas da Curia, and it included keynote talks, debates, roundtables and much more, with discussion topics including: “The future of incubation in Portugal”, “Will Acceleration replace Incubation?” and “How to attract financing”, among others.

Each day was filled with interesting and enriching panel sessions, interspersed with networking moments to foster synergies with other incubators and entrepreneurial ecosystem’s entities.

On the second day, each incubator representative had the chance to attend several roundtables to discuss prominent topics on Incubation and we’re sure the results of these sessions will provide further solutions to integrate within our ecosystem.

Celebrating yet another successful gathering, IncubX proved to be a fertile ground for fostering synergies that we trust will invigorate entrepreneurial endeavors and collaborations among our national partners, propelling impactful entrepreneurial events forward.

                                                                                          Credits: Startup Portugal

We thank Startup Portugal for yet another great event where we had the opportunity to connect and learn so much!

                                                                                   Credits: Startup Portugal

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