Tec Labs was at SIM Conference

In a vibrant convergence of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the SIM Conference at Alfândega do Porto, hosted by StartUp Portugal, emerged as a pivotal arena for forging meaningful connections between startups and investors.

Amidst this dynamic ecosystem, Tec Labs was present along some of its startups: Generosa, Delox, AquaInSilico and Neroes.


At the heart of SIM Conference, the roundtables discussed access to funding and surviving the death valley while the matchmaking sessions, startup pitches, and one-on-one meetings provided room for meaningful dialogue and networking, facilitating the flow of capital into innovative businesses.


For startups, it represented an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their vision and secure the resources needed to scale their operations. For investors, it offered a glimpse into the innovative solutions shaping the future, ripe with potential for lucrative returns. From an incubator perspective, it was important to bridge the gap between startups and investors and strengthen the ecosystem’s cohesion.

As startups continue to emerge as engines of economic growth and innovation, events like the SIM Conference serve as indispensable platforms for nurturing collaborations that drive progress.

We can’t wait to be back next year!

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