The final event of ULisses

In an extraordinary culmination of talent and dedication, the ULISSES program (University of Lisbon Interdisciplinary Studies on Sustainable Environment and Seas) has successfully concluded its latest edition, leaving behind an awe-inspiring legacy of ocean conservation and innovative solutions. The program, which offers students an in-depth understanding of ocean-related issues, has once again proven to be a pivotal platform for nurturing future environmental leaders.

Over the course of ten weeks of rigorous online preparatory courses, 34 students hailing from ten different nations embarked on a transformative journey. The ultimate challenge awaited them as they converged in Lisbon to address a pressing real-world issue concerning the North Atlantic Ocean – the menace of plastic pollution. Working harmoniously in international and interdisciplinary teams, these bright minds were tasked with developing creative responses to the escalating plastic pollution, and its impact on marine ecosystems, and proposing groundbreaking solutions to boost plastic recycling while minimizing the detrimental effects of “ghost fishing.”

The atmosphere during the three-week Project Phase was electrifying, brimming with enthusiasm, and pulsating with a shared sense of purpose. Each of the six participating teams demonstrated unparalleled dedication, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of a more sustainable and cleaner ocean. Hours of intensive brainstorming sessions, meticulous research, and innovative problem-solving strategies paved the way for an array of remarkable project outcomes.

As the final moments approached, the six teams gathered to showcase their solutions to an audience comprising fellow participants and a distinguished panel of jurors. The anticipation in the room was palpable as each group passionately articulated their findings, leaving everyone in awe of their commitment to the cause.

The moment of truth finally arrived, and the jury’s meticulous evaluation and judgment led to the announcement of the winning team. Every participant and team deserve heartfelt congratulations for their relentless dedication, commitment, and exemplary work throughout the program. Their combined efforts have added new dimensions to ocean sustainability research and have undoubtedly set a benchmark for future cohorts of the ULISSES program.

The success of the ULISSES program can be attributed not only to the students’ brilliance but also to the vision and support of the University of Lisbon and the entire organizing team. The program’s impact on fostering international collaboration, interdisciplinary thinking, and a profound commitment to protecting our oceans will undoubtedly reverberate for generations to come.

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