Vawlt forms (again!) a new partnership


Last month we told you about the new multi-cloud partnership Vawlt established with NOS. This month, Vawlt established a new partnership to bring multi-cloud storage solutions to the sales channel, this time with jp.di. These solutions will be available through Cloudcockpit, in a subscription context. This partnership reinforces jp.di’s positioning in the Cloud area, in which wants to reinforce its position in the market as a expert brand.

Vawlt is a multicloud data storage solution in a secure, simple and efficient way. This solution stores data in a kind of cloud-of-clouds, and relies on multiple providers, namely Microsoft Azure. In addition to simplifying the operation of multiple clouds, the solution vastly improves the security standards on each cloud provider and optimises the use of storage resources. Vawlt’s solution also ensures protection against ransomware attacks.

Ricardo Ferreira, Managing Director of jp.di, believes that “The normal in our business is to establish distribution agreements with major international players. It will be difficult to quickly change this normality, so we’re very satisfied to announce partnerships like the one we have established with Vawlt – Portuguese technology that allows the acceleration of a digital transition inevitable for the company survival. In fact, by allowing companies in a simple and totally safe way, to have access to a data storage service in several clouds, without management complications or surprises in the costs, Vawlt distinguishes itself in the market by its innovation. To point out also the multiplicity of applications of Vawlt’s solution: from the small company still in its digital transition process embryonic phase, that only needs small storage capacities, but wants to know the costs and make sure that its information is safe, until the midmarket and enterprise market that needs not only big capacities of storage, as well as several types of data to store, valuing the possibility to have at your disposal the most adequate solutions. Why should I pay the same for the storage of data that I rarely access and the storage of data that I need to access daily? Vawlt has the solution and we want to take it to our partners so that, in turn, they can take it to their customers!”

Ricardo Mendes, CEO of Vawlt, tells us that “our biggest motivation is to provide solutions that simplify the digital transition for companies in a secure and reliable way, regardless of their size or sector of activity. IT partners are a pivotal piece in this transition, and it’s with great enthusiasm that we sign this partnership with a reference name in the IT distribution market in Portugal, which allows us to bring our solution to all those partners that jp.di so well addresses.”

Soon, webinars dedicated to jp.di customers will be carried out, to learn about this solution in more detail.

Congratulations, Vawlt, for this new exciting step!

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