We were at IncubX in Portimão

The sun was shining in Portimão and so were the ideas coming from IncubX – the National Incubators’ Meeting – happening twice a year.

The day kicked off with testimonials from Aquiles Marreiros regarding the innovation ecosystem in the Algarve region and how there’s still a long road to path when it comes to innovation.

We also heard members of StartUp Portugal revealing the new start-up law to distinguish a startup from a scale-up to better monitor the ecosystem and point directions to help and guide both of them.

There was also time to do an update of Incubators Vouchers, a 30K-150K call to finance incubators, whose 2nd call will be opening soon.

IPN and Inovagaia shared their best practices in both incubators and what financing programs they have been applying to.

Sofia Bravo, from ANI, shared some thoughts on the role of incubators on the European Innovation Council, and metrics regarding investment options for startups across Europe and the low competitiveness Portugal still has.

The highlight of the day came in the afternoon through a resilience keynote held by Pedro Tânger, a specialist in Martial Arts. We had to break a board as in Taekwondo at the same time we were challenged to overcome our own barriers.

Finally, RNI will have a new face – now called Nova RNI – and operate in a StartUp Portugal-dependent management to create a cohesive network, more capable of being competitive within Europe and demonstrating Portugal’s ability to create and establish sustainable innovative businesses.

We were welcomed at IncubX and we can’t wait for the next meeting!




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