Welcome to Tec Labs, IMAGI

Yet this month we received a CoLab incubation from IMAGI. Inês Lima, one of the co-founders told us a little bit about the startup:

“The term “imagi” originates from Esperanto, a language believed to be universal, and it signifies the act of envisioning. This concept resonates with the mission of our project and startup, which is to imagine a world devoid of pain. However, we don’t stop at mere imagination; our endeavor is to actively bring this vision to life. Regrettably, within our country, there exists a staggering number of 500,000 children afflicted by chronic pain. These children experience pain on a daily basis, with even the simplest of actions causing immense suffering. Everyday activities that we take for granted, like bathing or receiving a hug, become sources of agony for these children. At IMAGI, we are driven to alleviate this heavy burden and bring smiles back to their faces.

Our objective is to combine the power of virtual reality gamification with proven relaxation therapy techniques described in the existing literature. Through this integration, we aim to provide children and their families with a solution that can be accessed and utilized anytime, anywhere, for pain mitigation and management. Our project, Cloudia by IMAGI, originated during a hackathon where we had the opportunity to engage with Dr. Marcela Pires. She enlightened us about the extensive issue of pediatric chronic pain, and we instantly realized that we could not turn a blind eye to it. Inspired by this newfound awareness, we secured second place in the competition, which reinforced our belief in the project’s potential. Subsequently, we dedicated ourselves to its development during our master’s degree program in Biomedical Engineering and Biophysics.

Since then, we have actively participated in numerous competitions, including an accelerator program, and have been honored with several awards. These achievements have further fueled our motivation to persist in our project and strive toward a world where pain is no longer a prevailing reality.”

We love to be part of this journey and we are thrilled for what’s next to come for IMAGI!

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